Hanze Escaperoom in de Vischpoort (Fishinggate)

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We apply the COVID-19 measures as set by the Dutch government. For that reason, we are currently closed for visitors. On this website we will tell you when we may open.

vischpoort hanze escaperoom elburg

Hanze Escaperoom 

Escape from one of the most special buildings of the city of Elburg: the historical Vischpoort. In this wellknown gate, located between the harbor and the fortified town, you'll find yourself in the world of the Hanze-gatekeeper. And that world has some surprises...

Story/job offer

The Vischpoort is very important for a Hanze-fort such as Elburg. It helps to let people in, lock them out, levy tolls and on top of that it functions as a lighthouse. But such a gate is useless without a gatekeeper.

Luurt, the last gatekeeper of the Vischpoort, recently retired, after many years of service. Elburg hastily searches for a successor. Or should we say: successors? Over time, the gatekeeper got many extra tasks. It's almost impossible for only one person to execute them all. 

Would you and your family or friends like to become the next gatekeeper? Apply now, and try to succesfully complete the application procedure.

And hurry, the Vischpoort has to be put back into use quick 

Practical info

·         accessible for 4 to 7 persons

·         suited from 8 years, at least 1 adult required in every group

·         not suited for wheelchair users

 ·        costs 100 euros per group

This escaperoom contains small, dark spaces and steep stairs...

 Story/job offer 

Due to changes in our staff, Elburg is looking for: 


Gatekeepers (m/f) 


to manage the Vischpoort. 


Required qualities: 

-        social 

-        creative 

-        solution-oriented 

-        familiar with the Hanze 


We offer: 

-        the key to Elburg 

-        a job on the most beautiful location 


Are you the one we're looking for? Apply now with this button. 

 About the Vischpoort (Fishinggate) 

The Vischpoort is the gate between the harbor of Elburg and the ancient fortified town. The gate was put to use in 1592, partly to lock the city, partly to collect tolls from whoever wanted to enter the city. Ships that delivered their goods for the local market had to pay 'markettoll'. Ships that just passed Elburg, paid 'passingtoll', which was twice as high as the markettoll.

 About the Hanze 


The Hanze was a huge international trade union, with about 200 cities participating. These cities traded all kinds of goods, varying from fish and flour to wood and animalskins. The Hanze existed in a large part of Europe, from Russia all the way to the United Kingdom.

More options


  • Escaperoom + Hanzedinner
  • Escaperoom + citytour
  • Escaperoom + boat trip
  • Escaperoom + a visit to the museum

About Elburg 

Beautifully situated along the lakes of the Veluwe, you find the old town of Elburg. One of the most worthwhile Hanseatic cities in The Netherlands. Elburg used to be a lively fishing town at the Zuiderzee. Nowadays it is the ultimate starting point for tourists and lovers of culture and water sports. 

- knowledge is power -

will you be our new gatekeepers?

 - find the key to the city -

Hanze Escaperoom Elburg

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Hanze Escaperoom Elburg
Vischpoortstraat 33 / Havenstraat
8081 EP Elburg

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